Alkaline Diet Program by Rebel Wilson

Favorite Exercise Rebel Wilson, forty, revealed the one workout she preaches to nearly everyone: walking everywhere. ”I like to walk when I feel like it,” she told the Post. ”I get tired of being on my feet and sometimes don’t feel like doing anything. Walking gets you off your feet and provides a new challenge.” Of course, this cardio doesn’t give much calorie burn.

The rebels’ exercise plan consists mainly of walking, although they also swim and rollerblades once in awhile. According to the Mayr wellness center, exercise alone may not be enough to help you lose weight. ”There are times when the diet alone is not enough to shed those extra pounds because your metabolism just doesn’t care how much you eat,” Pamukkale told the Post. So what does this mean for you?

If you’re going to hit the gym regularly and work out until you drop, you need to be mindful of your eating. It’s easy to go on a diet like the rebels; buy all the latest no-sugar, high-carb, low-calorie foods. Then come home and load up on ice cream, cookies, chips and whatever else you can think of. Your goal weight loss should come from an exercise plan and sensible eating, not from a diet alone. The healthiest way to reach your goal weight is to combine a healthy diet with an exercise program that gets your heart pumping and keeps your metabolism burning hot.

Exercise Plan Rebel Wilson recommends that you work on your fitness routine every day. ”Workout is the best kind of exercise because it gets your blood pumping and your muscles burning hot,” she told the Post. ”Saying you’re going to work out all the time may be tempting, but it will get in the way if you don’t take it seriously. One hour at a time will give you a good workout. Set up a schedule that you can stick to.”

Diet Plan Wilson stressed the importance of maintaining a balanced diet during her time on the treadmill. She recommended avoiding any diet plans that don’t allow you to eat four to six small meals a day and especially staying away from any diet plan that doesn’t allow you to eat six healthy meals a day. ”If you can only eat six meals a day, then what are you doing to control your calorie intake?” she asked. ”Are you just loading up on ice cream and cookies or fat-filled foods? You have to think healthily, and this includes how you eat your food.”

Exercise Plan Rebel Wilson stressed the importance of incorporating exercise into your Rebel Wilkson method of weight loss. ”I do not think there is a substitute for exercise in helping you lose those stubborn pounds,” she told the Post. ”Exercise helps you feel great, makes you feel energetic and increases your metabolism so that you burn more calories throughout the day,” she continued. ”And exercising doesn’t have to be hard – you can do it while sitting at home in front of the computer or standing in line at the grocery store.”

Diet Plans She also stressed the importance of sticking with her diet. ”The key to any weight loss program is to maintain your new diet every day until you achieve the results you were hoping for,” she told the Post. She did not suggest that she would starve herself to death, but she did say that she would eliminate foods from her diet that had empty calories – no matter how attractive they looked. She made it clear that she didn’t plan to take on a crash diet, just a healthier diet. ”I would cut out all fried foods, all sugar, all carbohydrates and start eating healthy carbs again – brown rice, whole-grain bread, homemade pasta and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables,” she wrote. ”If I could do it in two weeks I know I can do it in six.”

The Rebel Wilson diet program isn’t the first diet that relies on balancing acidity levels and eliminating toxins. Schubert on the other hand has been doing his research for years and he claims to have a diet program that is superior to the Rebel Wilson’s. ”The basic premise of Schubert’s protocol is that our modern day diet contains too many chemicals, fats and toxins that cause the body to become acidic and then prone to disease,” according to the University of Utah. He believes that by returning our bodies to an alkaline state we will gain all of the health benefits of a truly natural diet. If you want to get the most out of your alkaline diet program, it’s best to speak with a qualified medical health professional such as a doctor or nutritionist.

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