A Review of the No Nonsense Diet by Ross Mathews

Christian Mathews, a.k.a., Ross Mathews, is a motivational speaker, and the author of the best selling book, No Nonsense E-Book: The Truth About Getting Lean and Fast, and the host of the online webinar, The Master Cleanse Secrets Diet, which is a high quality, all natural weight loss plan based on the lemonade diet. He is also the creator of the hit series, The Truth About Six Pack Abs, and he is a proud owner of three rock hard abs. He has been an advocate for healthy lifestyles and exercise for many years and has dedicated his life to helping others achieve the same goal that he has. His passion for fitness started at a very young age when he could barely walk, and as a result, suffered many physical ailments that affected his quality of life. He has lost over one hundred pounds by following the tips and advice in his e-books.


Christian’s passion for teaching others the secrets of great weight loss can be seen in the writing of his No Nonsense E-Book, which he calls ”The master Cleanse Secrets Diet.” It is not uncommon for fitness experts to be inspired by this book and its healthy lifestyle tips. Christian’s dedication to reaching out to people who may be unfamiliar with a great eating program was further fueled when he realized that most people he spoke with were too embarrassed to join a gym and needed a more ”personal” approach to losing weight.

Christian’s journey toward better health was not without obstacles, however. After becoming frustrated with weight loss programs that did not produce positive results, he turned to the internet to seek others who had the same desire for healthier living. He hoped that by sharing his story, he could help others avoid the pitfalls that he had himself. When he learned of a website that provided a forum for overweight individuals to share their stories, Christian decided to take advantage of the opportunity. What he learned about this site inspired him to create a program that combines the knowledge of the ”No Nonsense Diet” with the exercise regimen of ”The Art of Flexible Eating,” so he could teach others how to live a healthier lifestyle while losing weight at the same time.

Although he admits that he cannot give specific diet tips or advice for everyone who has weight problems, he does share some valuable guidelines for finding a weight loss program that works. First, if you have weight issues, it is best to consult your doctor before you start any sort of weight loss program. Secondly, make sure that you are not only following a proper diet, but that you are doing the exercise that will fuel your goals. It is important to realize that exercise plays a key role in losing weight. Also, a good weight loss guide will provide helpful information such as how to find a diet and exercise program that will work for you.

The most important part of any weight loss plan, whether it be the No Nonsense Diet or another program, is proper communication. You should not go into a weight loss program blind. Being able to explain what you are doing to yourself and to others will help ensure success. This is why many people who try different weight loss programs fail: they do not understand how to communicate with others effectively to meet their goals.

By the end of his No Nonsense Diet eBook, which he calls the Anatomy of a Guy Who Lived and Thrived on a Diet, Ross Mathews shares the results of his extensive research on why he believes the diets and exercise make the best combination for weight loss. He explains the physiological differences between men and women, the kinds of food that will not help you lose weight, and the kinds of exercise that will get you there. Mathews also gives some excellent recipes that he used to diet and to live for years. This is the most complete guide for someone who wants to live a long and healthy life while losing weight and living an active lifestyle. If you want to live the kind of life that Ross Mathews describes in his book, then you need to pick up his book and give it a read.

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