Secrets of the Best Christian Weight Loss Program Revealed

In this latest edition of her outstanding book, Gorgeous Gains, author Ross Mathews takes readers on a journey to discover how she became a super star nutritionist and weight loss specialist. In the previous volume, The Diet Solution, Mathews shared how she used her knowledge as a personal trainer to help other people reach their goals of looking great and feeling great at home. In this latest edition, she shares her tricks for eating smarter and living healthier. In an entertaining and refreshing look at the inner workings of our bodies, readers will discover some surprising truths about fat production, metabolism, insulin resistance, and what they can do to activate their natural fat-burning hormones. Beyond delicious recipes, the authors offer readers practical advice that will help them live a healthier life. It is not only a fun read but it is also packed with health prevention tips that can make everyone more at ease with their health and dieting.


In her latest book, The Diet Solution, Ross Mathews reveals astounding new ways to make drastic improvements to health and dieting while still enjoying delicious food. She shares how she uses lime wedges and sharp cheddar cheese knives to create delicious meals with family-friendly ingredients. In addition, she shows readers how she utilizes ”food star” logos on her business cards and menus. Even her catering services use healthy ingredients such as organic chicken breast and low fat ranch dressing. Her clients have also noticed how she puts ”green” ingredients including alfalfa sprouts and vegetables in her hors oeuvres.

The Diet Solution is jam packed with clear concise chapters that include everything from how to select the right foods for your lifestyle to various delicious recipes that are guaranteed to put weight on without sacrificing taste. Aside from including fun recipes, the book includes helpful dietary guidelines such as the recommended daily allowances of vitamins and minerals and suggestions for alternative sources of nutrients. In a chapter entitled ”The Great Food Searches,” Ross explains why it’s important to eat a well balanced diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables as well as lean meats and whole grains. She also emphasizes the importance of drinking a minimum of two glasses of water per day.

The Diet Solution not only provides easy to follow recipes for a wide variety of menu choices but also includes interesting research that has been collected over the years by the nutrition expert herself. For example, she shared that a glass of skim milk a day can keep you from gaining weight in middle age because it keeps your metabolism at a normal pace. It’s also important to remember that no single recipe will cause you to lose or control your weight overnight. While there are specific recipes available in the diet solution book that may help you shed a few pounds, you will have to adopt a more holistic approach if you want long term success.

If you are looking for a way to trim down and become more fit, this diet solution will certainly get you on the right track. You can use the recipes to create meals that will satisfy your cravings and still keep you satisfied. It is important however, that you make a lifestyle change and really commit yourself to making healthy food choices. If you don’t, you will find yourself dissatisfied with your weight and not able to stick with the program.

In an era of fad diets and celebrity driven weight loss products, anyone who believes that losing weight will automatically be achieved in a matter of days is likely to be disappointed. However, if you have the motivation and commitment to see it through, the Mathews Weight Loss program will get you moving in the right direction. You can start small and work your way up. Even though it may be slow going at first, the Mathews program will get you where you want to be.

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