Weight Watchers Blueprints & Meal Plans – A Review of the Weight Watchers Blue Plan

Last week shared to you Weight Watchers Green Pot Recipes and this week it’s the turn to look at the ultimate comprehensive list of weight watchers blueprints. In particular, aimed especially for those who follow the WW red plan and need 100% pure blueprints to help them lose weight. So many diet plans out there these days don’t give you one single recipe that’s unique to them. Some even duplicate some of the most effective ingredients. You’d be surprised how many different blueprints out there simply use the same ingredients.

With the weight watchers blue plan, recipes are available in a PDF file that has everything you need to cook the recipes at home. These recipes have been carefully calculated to provide you with the exact nutrition information necessary for weight loss. It also comes with a complete list of ingredients, including nutrition value. There are also several helpful ”how to” articles that provide step by step directions.

The weight loss factor alone is worth the weight watchers blue plan. It’s not like other diet programs where you can only eat specific types of foods or you need to avoid certain foods like chocolate. Here, you can eat any foods you like, as long as they meet your daily point budget. That frees you up to increase your daily points whenever it fits into your lifestyle.

A big plus for me personally is that they allow me to choose my own frozen meals instead of having my favorite restaurant bring them to my table. So often I get stuck in traffic or bored while waiting on my favorite restaurant to deliver their delicious food. I’m always willing to experiment with new foods if they’re within my weekly calorie allowance and low in fat. I love being able to choose my own meals and desserts, which I have found is rare with most diet programs. Plus, with the 1 smart points per day you earn, it really adds up over time.

The Weight Watchers Blue Plan also includes the Weight Watchers Smart Carbanut Butter Cookie and the popular My Weight Watchers Smart Stop-Lunch Diet Pita. They make great snacks during the week and would be a good addition to any weight loss program. I normally consume the cookie in the morning while I take my lunch, but occasionally I eat the snack as well. Both options are great and both provide me with more calories than I usually get from a lunch or dinner alone.

My preferred snack size is a medium sized bag of microwaveable popcorn with two ounces of reduced fat milk, one tablespoon of reduced fat cheddar cheese, a sliced banana and three my WWM Graham crackers. I mix up the popcorn and add some cheese, any kind of fruit and any kind of nuts. I let the kids do the rest.

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