WW Blueberry Mango Smoothie, An Easy Way To Stay On Track With Your Weight Loss Program!

Weight Watchers members have a variety of healthy recipes to choose from when trying to loose weight. The most popular recipes on Weight Watchers include the Weight Watchers Blueberry Smoothie, the Dieter’s Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Carrot Cake Snicker Treats. This article presents you with a full list of healthy & delicious instant blueberry smoothie recipes for Weight Watchers members who follow the new blueberry plan. Specifically, aimed for those who follow the WW camp and wish healthy weight watchers recipes which are entirely free from ingredients that could be carcinogenic or toxic. Read on…


You can make this blueberry smoothie by blending one cup of fresh blueberries with one cup of low fat milk. Just mix these two ingredients together until the mixture thickens. After that, add one tablespoon of vanilla essence and blend it well. Now you are all set to enjoy this healthy and delicious dieting aid!

* Instantaneously enjoy the following weight loss plan instant recipes Hot Apple Pie-with instant blueberries; Gingerbread Snicker Treats-made with crushed ginger bread crumbs and Instant Blueberry sauce; Mocha Coffee-made with frozen coffee beans and instant chocolate syrup; Asian Style Dressing-made with honey and lemon juice. The first three recipes mentioned here are the most popular recipes on the WW website and they are proven to provide great results. The fourth recipe is the ”special occasion” Asian style dressing. It provides an extra punch to your meals. If you’re not sure how to start with the soup or dip recipe, simply try to find out how to do that part according to the instructions given on the back of the WW instant diet plan cookbook.

* WW Blueberry Mango Smoothie: This dessert recipe from the WW Blueberry Mango Smoothie Plan is made by blending fresh blueberries, canned Mandarin oranges, and canned mango in a blender. To make a smoothie, add two banana slices and two cups of the blended ingredients. Next, add one cup of low fat milk, vanilla or chocolate syrup, a dash of cinnamon, and finally a cup of low fat or non-fat yogurt to make a delicious and sugar-free blueberry-mango smoothie.

* WW Purple Cone: This appetizing dessert from the WW Purple Cone Plan is made by boiling chicken and a four ounce package of skim milk. The mixture is then strained and added to a bowl along with two to three tablespoons of chicken broth and zero point sweeteners. Stir and let the mixture cool down for about fifteen minutes before serving. A delicious dessert, this purple hot dog is a perfect way to kick off the day. Since this dessert is served with the zero point sweetener, it also satisfies your desire to curb your cravings.

WW’s blue zero point foods are perfect for any occasion and can be incorporated into any regular diet. They also provide a great way to start off your day with a delicious dessert that satisfies cravings. By combining these delicious items with your daily points plans you can lose weight and keep it off. So enjoy your blueberries, pineapple and blueberries and stay on track to lose weight today!

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