An Overview of the Weight Watchers Blue Plan

The Weight Watchers program is one of the most popular dieting plans ever. In addition to being recognized as the world’s biggest weight-loss program, Weight Watchers offers a tremendous amount of information on their various programs to aid members achieve their weight loss goals. Aside from the 100 fresh fruits and veggies that come with their 100-day program, members also have access to healthy recipes, exercise programs and printable daily meal plans. This article will give you all the basic information you need to get started with Weight Watchers.


Weight Watchers uses a point system to determine your target weight. Each weight reduction unit is based on a point system, which varies according to your current weight. If you wait more than you intend to, you start off with a lower point and as you lose weight you move up to a higher point. Weight Watchers has four weight reduction units: the SMARTpoint, the WOW points, the BaseWat and the FlexWat.

The SmartPoints are very similar to those of Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers has also introduced a new concept: the SmartPoint. These Smart Points is represented by a number and they are calculated based on your body weight and height. They provide you with a visual idea of how much weight you need to lose and how many calories have been burned up during the day. SMARTpoints allow you to see your progress over time and they allow you to make changes to your diet and exercise routines that you feel will help you reach your weight loss goal.

The next weight loss option is the Blue Plan, which is different from the weight watchers original plan. The blue plan is for women, men and children. The blue plan allows you to track your progress through the daily point budget. The daily point budget is a breakdown of your monthly expenses and it tells you how much money you have left over after you pay your monthly bill to eat at one of their participating restaurants.

The FlexWat is the third option that Weight Watchers has to offer its customers. It gives you a detailed look at what you have been eating in the past few months. The FlexWat gives you information on what kind of meals you could be eating to make it through each meal of the day. It gives you an insight into your behavior and how it relates to your weight. It gives you a list of your favorite foods along with side information about their nutritional value. The FlexWat lets you spend one night without logging into the program to see if you have gained or lost any weight, and you can see the weight gain or loss in real time on the day you log in.

You will also have access to the FlexWat online where you can access all the detailed information on your food intake. You can use the FlexWat online tool to see how many blue points you have earned from the foods that you eat each day. The blue plan gives you detail information on the types of foods you eat and you can also log on to get tips and instructions on how to make it healthier and how to keep it off. Weight Watchers has done an amazing job of creating a program that lets you track your food intake so that you will know what you are eating and why. You will also know when you are eating too much or too little, and this will help you make better food choices.

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