7 Smart Points in the Weight Watchers Blue Plan

Weight Watchers Blue Plan has made waves in the dieting world. This is not a surprise considering that it is endorsed by the famous doctor Dr. Atkins. Dr. Atkins is known for his controversial approach to dieting. His books have stirred up debate among health experts, doctors and laymen alike. His books have also inspired several movies and TV shows.

Weight Watchers blue print gives you the low fat percentage of each food group and allows you to track your progress easily. This is because most people (myself included) suffer from bloating a lot. Rice and grains are big problem food and Beans is okay if having it in moderate quantity.

But if you are someone who love chicken and really indulge in it, then this plan is not for you. Weight watchers suggest that you get a leaner version of this food. For example you can get half chicken instead of the whole thing. This half chicken is marked as having the same point total points as the whole chicken and is allowed to have 9 points per serving. If you are going to use this chicken you should count it against your total points so that you don’t overdo it with your consumption of this chicken.

This is another food item from the Weight Watchers menu that you are going to want to stay away from. The blue menu shows that you are allowed to have one serving of bacon in a week but the red devil sauce is not mentioned at all. So now you know that you are out of buttermilk crispy chicken. The recommended alternative is a leaner cut of bacon and some buttermilk on the side. You get the same number of points from this alternative but it comes in at a much lower total than the greasy, fatty bacon.

It does not look like the Weight Watchers diet has anything against eggs. You are allowed up to three eggs in a week and this includes the yolks. In fact, the blue waffle has been replaced with the leaner alternatives like the bacon and the turkey bacon. When it comes to vegetables, you get four servings a day which is still great. This is because vegetables provide a good source of vitamins and minerals to our bodies. Four servings a day is still plenty and the weight watchers have given you the option of reducing this so that you can still have a balanced diet when it comes to vegetables.

This is one item in the Weight Watchers menu that has been replaced by the cappuccino and the tea infuser. Both these products are considered to be healthy but coffee is considered to be less healthy. Since the Blue Plan encourages you to drink tea and not coffee, you get seven smart points for drinking a cup of hot tea instead of the energizing, caffeinated coffee. The only bad thing about the replacement is that the cappuccino and the tea infuser are going to be a bit more expensive than the blueberry muffin.

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